Swargeeya P.V Narasimha Rao Birth Anniversary - 26th June 2022

Swargeeya P.V Narasimha Rao Birth Anniversary

Satyagraha Deeksha - 28th June 2022

Satyagraha Deeksha

Chalo Raj Bhavan - 16th June 2022

Chalo Raj Bhavan

NIRASANA RALLY on ED CASES - 13th June 2022


పరిగిలో టీపీసీసీ డిజిటల్ మెంబెర్షిప్ కార్డ్ ఆవిష్కరణ - 10th June 2022

పరిగిలో టీపీసీసీ డిజిటల్ మెంబెర్షిప్ కార్డ్ ఆవిష్కరణ

Telangana Formation Day - 2nd June 2022

Telangana Formation Day








With each passing day, life for the common man is becoming very difficult thanks to the Modi and KCR regimes. The price rise is going blind and it is taking a severe toll on many families. The latest among the hikes is the electricity tariff. In lieu of that, the Telangana Congress party under the aegis of TPCC President Sri Revanth Reddy took out a major protest and it was more like a surprise attack on the administration.

The Congress leaders barged from Necklace Road to Vidyut Soudha to have a direct talk with the CMD of TRANSCO Sri Prabhakar Rao on the rising current charges. However, the police intervened and did their best to hamper the whole initiative. Yet, the Congress members didn’t deter from their objective and surrounded the Vidyut Soudha Bhavan. They were supported strongly by people from different walks of society.

Despite all the challenges, Sri Revanth along with the senior leaders met Sri Prabhakar and submitted a petition requesting not to hike the tariff. They also reminded that many have become unemployed due to Covid and are unable to pay such huge bills. He was also briefed on the causes behind how DISCOM became a loss institution.

Speaking to the media, Sri Revanth mentioned how the AICC under the leadership of Smt Sonia Gandhi ji led a huge protest in the capital city protesting the price hike and yet in just a matter of 15 days, the petrol prices were hiked several times.

Owing to the indifferent response from Sri Prabhakar, it is now decided by the TPCC that they would be taking the legal route to see if this price hike can be curtailed. It is clear that because the TRS government failed to pay the Rs 12000 crore outstanding, the electricity institution has gone bankrupt.

Overall, the protests got a very strong response from the people and it also gave a rude jolt to the KCR Administration.


The new initiative ‘Mana Ooru – Mana Poru’ is picking up the steam with each meeting and yet again this was evident at the Yellareddy town in Kamareddy district. The evening was graced by leaders like Sri Shabbir Ali, Sri Md Azharuddin, Sri Kailash Srinivas, Sri Sudarshan Reddy, Sri ANjan Kumar Yadav, SmtSeetakka, Sri Balram Naik, Sri Chinna Reddy, Sri Gangaram, Sri Ramulu Nayak, Sri Suresh, Sri Anil Yeravath, Sri Mallu Ravi and many other Congress dignitaries.

Sharing his thoughts during the event was TPCC President Sri Revanth Reddy who recalled how the late SmtSada Lakshmi pledged her gold and fought for separate Telangana way back in 1969. The same was the case with Smt. Eshwari Bai, Sri Bala Goud and others. It was reminded how the TRS leader Nallamadugu Surendar dumped the people of Nizamabad after he was brought to power by them.

Sri Revanth hailed the farmers of Haryana and Punjab citing how they bent Narendra Modi’s neck and made sure they got what they want. He mentioned that the same strength is there in the farmers of Nizamabad who proved it by ensuring KCR’s daughter Kavitha was defeated massively in 2019.

He also came down heavily on BJP leader Bandi Sanjay who promised many things but nothing happened. Sri Revanth predicted even Sanjay will also meet the same fate as Kavitha. Later, he demanded KCR what happened to the sugarcane factory, the Board for turmeric and the various promises he made to the farmers. Instead of his government buying the paddy he is putting the blame on Modi government and giving excuses.

Given such pathetic situation and gross injustice, isn’t it the duty of the farmers to do a revolution against the government which is so incapable and inefficient. Sri Revanth made it clear that if KCR doesn’t buy the paddy before April end, he will mobilize lakhs of farmers and create a tsunami of people to surround KCR’s farmhouse and ensure not one grain from his farm is sold. The speech was met with a humongous response and it is clear that Congress has scored yet another winning goal through this event.


The new initiative ‘Mana Ooru-Mana Poru’ has been picking up the heat as it is progressing and oozing a new lease of life into the Congress camp. This time it was the public meeting held at Kollapur and the response was overwhelming. The venue was flooded with people with no space to even drop a grain of sand.

Present during the event were Nagarkurnool district inchargeDr. Vamsi Krishna, Sri Jagadiswar Rao, Sri Abhilash Rao, Sri Mallu Ravi, AICC representative Sri Bose Raju, Sri Anjan Kumar Yadav, Dr Chinna Reddy, Sri Sampath Kumar, Sri Nagam Janardhan Reddy, state level leaders, district heads, mandal heads, congress party workers and above all, the people of Kollapur and its surrounding areas.

Sharing his thoughts during the event, TPCC President Sri Revanth Reddy came down heavily on TRS government and its head. He challenged KCR and suggested the intelligence department officials to compare KCR’s meeting at Wanaparthy and the one that is happening here. He mentioned this would give a clear idea of the public mandate.

He also promised he will visit all the 119 constituencies and 33 districts across the Telangana state and understand everyone’s issues to resolve them. Sri Revanth also reminded that the government has not given homes to the flood victims of the Srisailam Project. He recalled how KCR promised once he is made CM he will implement G.O number 98. He has become CM twice and all those who lost their homes and lands for the projects haven’t received their home till date.

Sri Revanth also reminded that KCR promised the Kuruba and Boya communities that they will be joined in the SC and ST category respectively but nothing happened. He promised all this will be given once Congress comes to power. The Palamuru area has 14 MLAs and 2 Parliament seats. He urged each and everyone to make Smt. Sonia Gandhi win and she will give the victory’s worth to everyone.

The TPCC president strongly asserted that there is only one solution to all the problems and that solution is Congress. He expressed confidence that Congress government will form in 12 months and the first step would be, the 2 lakh job notification will be given. He also committed pending works in projects would be taken care of andprojects like SLBC tunnel, Bhima scheme will be reactivated.


Any initiative becomes bigger and purposeful when it finds the support of the people and Telangana congress is achieving such meaningful victories. This time, it was the ‘Mana Ooru-Mana Poru’ campaign under the aegis of Sri Ram Mohan Reddy at Parigi. The event was attended by many noted names such as Sri Boseraj, ex-minister Sri Gaddam Prasad, TPCC delegates, district leaders, workers, former PCC members and others.

Most importantly, the entire venue was flooded with the people of Parigi and the neighbouring areas which goes to show their frustration towards the present government. Speaking during the event was TPCC President Sri Revanth Reddy. He reminded that stalwarts like Sri K V Ranga Reddy and Sri Marri Channa Reddy came from this place. He also reminded that the current MP Ranjith Reddy is busy taking care of his egg business but not even bothered to get some drinking water facility to this region.

Sri Revanth added how it was the late Dr. YSR who brought Pranahitha-Chevella project and later Sri Kiran Kumar Reddy was convinced to get Palamuru – RangareddyEthipothala project to this region. He questioned KCR why he has abandoned these projects which were meant to quench the thirst of the people of Parigi and the surrounding regions.

It was stated clearly that the cause for all this trouble is due to giving victory to TRS. Sri Revanth asserted to the crowd that by entrusting their future to someone capable like the Congress party they can make their lives better. He also stated how Telangana was formed with the sacrifice of several students. KCR promised that once the state forms, he will fix the issues of appointments, funds and water. Sonia ji gave the Telangana state and he became the CM. But what did the farmers, students, martyrs, unemployed youth get in return?. All these questions evoked huge applaud from the people. Overall, the campaign became a huge success with public support breathing immense confidence into the Congress camp.


The date February 5th holds an important place in history of India as Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar had introduced the uniform civil code to the parliament in the year 1951. In lieu of that, the SC cell chairman Sri Preetham held two days Deeksha and it was met with an overwhelming response. As the Deeksha came to an end at Gandhi Bhavan, the entire Congress bastion came to acknowledge and appreciate the initiative.

Notable among them was chief guest AICC SC head Sri Rajesh Lilothia, Sri Bhatti Vikramarka, Smt Geetha Reddy, Sri Anjan Kumar Yadav, Sri Shabbir Ali, Sri MalreddyRangareddy, Sri Balram Naik and other senior congress leaders, youth leaders, women leaders, NSUI leaders, BC Cell, Fishermen Cell representatives, and other admirers and followers of Dr Ambedkar.

Sharing his thoughts during the event, TPCC President Sri Revanth Reddy mentioned that they are people’s servants and people choose us to serve them for 5 years but Narendra Modi and KCR have misused it completely. He added how Dr. Ambedkar has given a wonderful constitution which defines democracy and the whole world appreciates it but neither KCR nor Modi understand it. He came down heavily on Sri Kadiyam Srihari and Sri Keshav Rao for showing blind devotion towards KCR and his statements. He recalled how Sri Mallikarjun Kharge condemned the statement made by Sri Keshava Rao in Parliament during one instance.

73rd REPUBLIC DAY CELEBRATIONS - 26th January 2022

On the occasion of 73rd Republic Day Shri Revanth Reddy, Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee President, in the presence of party senior leaders and other Congress Man, hoisted the National flag at Gandhi Bhavan.

While addressing the gathering, he gave a few insights into how congress party members had fought for freedom, independence, and social justice for the people of the country. "In 1930, the Congress party fought under the slogan Purna Swaraj. We fought for independence and achieved it. We adopted the constitution on January 26, 1950, under the leadership of BR Ambedkar," he said.

He mentioned that the Congress party is not like another party that enjoys power. Congress party has begun working for the country's independence about 138 years ago. Smt. Sonia Gandhi has fought for farmers and bought up acts like the Rythu Education act, Rythu Information Act, and Food Security Act. Revanth Reddy slashed the comments made by BJP party members and said congress wouldn't make Mukht Bharat, and no one can distance people from congress who bought freedom, peace, and liberties to the country.

Revanth Reddy also mentioned the current ruling parties, BJP and TRS, how they are ruining the Country and Telangana state by going against the laws, duties of government, structure, and amendments mentioned in the constitution. The country has to be ruled by the government, but in Narendra Modi's government, the country is being led by corporates like Adani and Ambani. In the KCR government, no one is safe. The farmers commit suicide, Dalits are being killed, and anyone speaking the truth is behind bars.

Revanth Reddy concluded his speech by reminding the unemployed, farmers, minority and tribes that the ruling party should help us move forward in life but not take away our lives.

Patriotic fervor fills 137th foundation day - 28th December 2021

The only party with the longest history in India has reached yet another milestone as it completed its 137 years of existence. In lieu of that, the Gandhi Bhavan in Hyderabad was swarmed with many Congress loyalists, senior leaders of the party and admirers. The premises wore a festive look with the huge gathering and the patriotic fervor was high on the special day.

Speaking during the event was the TPCC President Sri Revanth Reddy. Sharing his thoughts, Sri Revanth spoke about the legacy of the party and how some of the stalwarts of the party have built this nation brick by brick. Starting from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to Smt Indira Gandhi to Sri Rajiv Gandhi, Sri Revanth revealed how the Congress party gave true democracy, fought for independence, gave the right to education and vote for the people.

It was also mentioned how Congress party strived to uplift the SC/ST and the other backward communities through various welfare initiatives. Criticism was also showered on the party who are using the religious card to rule this nation. Sri Revanth vowed that India would be in safest hands once Smt Sonia Gandhi takes the reins of power and ensure that secularism is restored.

The focus was also on women empowerment and questions were raised on the Central Government’s decision to raise the marriage age for girls from 18 to 21years. It was suggested that an opinion must be taken from all the women heads and those who are in important roles before taking such decisions. At the end, appreciations and thanks were given to the members of the Seva Dal for their active participation and support to the Congress party. Overall, the foundation day was conducted with a strong resolve to strengthen the party and take it forward.

Racha Banda evokes huge wave! - 27th December 2021

It is known that the farmers of India have been facing a huge crisis as the rice grain is not being bought by the government. In this regard, the Congress party has been doing its best to fight the issue. Even Telangana is no exception as TPCC has been waging a war of its own. Now, they have taken it a step ahead by announcing the ‘Racha Banda’ campaign.

Sharing his thoughts, the TPCC President Shri Revanth Reddy reminded that since the last 3 months, Modi and KCR have not bought rice from the farmers. 20 lakh metric ton are still lying. TRS leaders have vowed that they’ll not leave Delhi till the whole stock is bought by Center but all that has proved to be a hoax. On the other hand BJP team comprising of Kishan Reddy, Bandi Sanjay, Tarun Chugh stated that they will ensure KCR will buy it but nothing has happened. Now, they have also engaged a political strategist Sunil and he gave information to the government. BJP has now taken up the unemployment issue. Is it that new? This issue started way back in 2014 but nothing happened. Today 28 lakh youth have registered in Telangana unemployment bureau.

Sri Revanth added that both KCR and Narendra Modi have cheated the farmers and are responsible for their deaths. Now they are following the advice of political strategist Sunil. In this regard, Sri Revanth announced that the Kisan Congress, Kodanda Reddy , Kisan cell chief Anvesh Reddy would visit various places where farmers are suffering and give them the solidarity and support.

Sri Revanth reminded everyone that CM KCR has done agriculture for 150 acres in his farmhouse at Yerravalli. While the Congress geared up to go to Yerravalli but the police department detained most of the leaders. The farmers and unemployed youth should realize how their issues are being sidelined.
Sri Revanth concluded that both TRS- BJP are playing a street play just to see the downfall of Congress. He demanded KCR he should follow the steps of the Chattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel and work on doing justice to the farmers. Racha Banda will continue through the four corners of Telangana. In the coming days when Congress will come to power, prosperity is waiting for the farmers.

NIRASANA PRADARSANA - 18th December 2021

On 18 December 2021, Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee President Shri Revanth Reddy, Former Chief Minister of Madya Pradesh Shri Digvijaya Singh and other Senior leaders participated Nirasana Yatra for about 10KM from Mudimyal village Ambedkar Statue to Chevella Indra Gandhi Statue to raise awareness among people about how people of Telangana are losing their livelihood in BJP & TRS tenure.

The Central Government and State Government has been increasing the prices of goods & imposing various taxes right from the first year of being elected. The opposition party, INC leaders are taking a stand in voicing common people.

Shri Revanth Reddy spoke about how commodity prices are sky-rocking and how it's letting people commit suicide. He gave various examples and reminded people about the false promises made by the TRS government. The prices of gas, petrol, diesel have increased Multiple times in just 8 years while educated people lost livelihood due to recession and farmers lost livelihood due to unforeseen weather conditions. He also mentioned how Modi built a story on getting the black money from the Swiss bank to distribute them among the poor, giving job opportunities to 2 Crores literates every year, and buying cotton from farmers at a higher price. Shri Revanth Reddy requested the people of Chevella to support INC like the way they supported them in YSR tenure.


Shri Anumula Revanth Reddy, Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee President, attended Vaikunta Samaradhana Samsmarana sabha organised by Rosaiah Garu family members on 15 December 2021.

He spoke about how Rosaiah Garu has changed politics in his 50 years of service. Rosaiah Garu was considered a trouble-shooter for every leader he worked with, and he was also a trouble-maker for opposition parties. He was referred to as a valiant and highly intellectual solider for the Indian National Congress, and he always stood by Smt. Sonia Gandhi.

Over the years as MLA, MLC MP, CM, and Governor, Rosaiah Garu has always been a people’s leader, and he never pledged fake promises to his people in his 50 years tenure. His ideas and knowledge shared will always be with us, and I strongly recommend the upcoming leaders in INC to learn how a leader should be from Rosaiah Garu.


On the eve of Smt Sonia Gandhi’s birthday the digital membership drive commenced across the state of Telangana. Leading it from the front was the TPCC President Sri Revanth Reddy and he initiated it at his constituency Kodangal. Also present during the event was the Chairman of the Data Analytics Department, Sri Praveen Chakravarty who flew from Delhi. This gesture goes to show the importance Smt Sonia gave for this initiative.
Present during the event was Sri Venugopal Rao, Sri Shivsena Reddy, Sri Deepak John, Sri Samala Kiran Reddy, Sri Satish Reddy, Sri Rajiv Reddy, Sri Manne Satish, Sri Rammohan Reddy and many other youth Congress leaders and members. Speaking during the event, Sri Revanth mentioned how the mobile number is registered as part of the drive and Smt Sonia’s message would be delivered direct to that number.
A representative of the Congress party would be present across each of the 270 polling booths in Kodangal for the registration process. Sri Revanth has committed his target is 30 lakhs membership from Telangana. A total of 34765 polling booths are there in Telangana so focus would be to have a representative for each booth. Taking membership means they are part of Congress family so their welfare and safety is party’s responsibility. Hence, each member is getting insurance cover for Rs 2 lakhs.
Sri Revanth added how Smt Sonia Gandhi gave Telangana with an objective but KCR didn’t do a thing from the past seven years. He is doing only for his family. So, very soon Congress will come to power and just like how Smt Indira Gandhi’s regime brought growth and development, even Telangana is going to see the same very soon under the aegis of Smt Sonia Gandhi.
Under the able hands of Sri Praveen Chakravarty the first digital membership registration took place at Kodangal.
Another event took place at the Kosgi Mandal in the Dalit Wada. Sri Pravin and Sri Revanth took blessings of goddess Maisamma and a huge gathering was present. Sri Revanth reminded that even today ‘Indiramma Illu’ homes are there and there are no double bed room homes, no loan waiver for farmers, no welfare schemes for BC, SC, ST. In conclusion, Sri Revanth assured 1 lakh membership will happen from just Kodangal alone. He also took a word from Sri Praveen that he and Sri Rahul Gandhi should come once the feat is achieved and express their support. Overall, the digital membership drive took off in a very successful way.

VARI DEEKSHA - 27th & 28th November 2021

Congress should support farmers till they get fair price for their grain. Once Congress comes to power farmers and unemployed youth will get maximum benefit. Giving separate Telangana is of no use. There is no end to Congress, its life is perennial. It is certainly going to get to power. Me and President Sri Revanth will go to Delhi and we will discuss in detail about how to deal with the farmers issue. We are also planning to hold a dharna at Jantar Mantar if need be and ensure farmers get their justice.

When his turn came, Sri Revanth thanked all the Congress leaders who presented several petitions to Collectors, District Officials and others. He also thanked each and every Congress member who participated wholeheartedly to ensure the struggle of the farmers becomes a success. He explained how the entire process of buying the rice grain works and how both KCR and Narendra Modi have ensured it fails miserably. He made it clear that the duo has cheated the farmers. Centre passed order in August itself to buy the 60000 metric tonnes of grain but till now KCR has taken no action. Sri Revanth has held KCR responsible for all the deaths, incompetence and the total mess.

The icing on the cake during the event was the presence of Sri Komatireddy Venkatreddy who participated actively for two full days and ensured the ‘Vari Deeksha’ became a huge success.


The event was held at Gandhi Bhavan and it was attended by AICC former secretary Captain Praveen Davar, Lt. General (Retd) ARK Reddy who was part of the very battle, Sri Bhatti Vikramarka, Sri Uttam kumar Reddy, AICC program in charge Sri Maheshwar Reddy, AICC secretaries and other members of the Congress party.

Speaking during the event was TPCC President Sri Revanth Reddy who recalled how the late Smt Indira Gandhi mobilized several forces and protected the people of Bangladesh from atrocities of Pakistan. She took a brave decision by declaring war on Pakistan in the year 1971 and it is exactly 50 years today for the birth of Bangladesh.

Revanth reminded how Congress has played a key role in this and programs regarding the same are being held throughout the country. The event was participated in good numbers and looking at the huge success, Sri Revanth thanked all those who participated.


Sri Revanth reminded how when Congress party took up the protest to support the farmers and initiated several campaigns, KCR didn’t even bother to speak about it in the Assembly nor mention about it in his interactions with Delhi. He questioned if KCR expressed his solidarity with the farmers or even checked with them on their condition given the number of lives lost and the one year that they have been protesting.

Is KCR ready to vote in the parliament on the fair price that the farmers are demanding is another question. Sri Revanth also demanded Narendra Modi why he has not made KCR buy the stocks of the farmers at the right price. It is evident that both Modi and KCR are together and KCR is just doing an eye-wash in front of the people of Telangana that he is against Modi.

About 60 lakh metric tonne of rice grain is lying unattended and is getting soaked in the rains. If KCR is really concerned about the farmers and their plight, it is being demanded that he should attend to this immediately and ensure that the rice grain is bought at a fair price. He should go to Delhi, demand Modi that measures need to be taken to give the best deal to farmers.


TPCC President Sri Revanth Reddy who brought out the flaws in the Ethipothala project. He also questioned the BJP leaders as to why they are not asking KCR regarding the discrepancies. He also mentioned how MIM is going to contest in UP elections for 100 seats and the plot is KCR to fund this election. If MIM contests in such quantity, vote bank split will happen and it will ensure Yogi Adityanath will become the CM again.

Sri Revanth demanded KCR on his activities when he goes to Delhi and meets Amit Shah. Sri Revanth mentioned how KCR-Amit Shah is not discussing about farmers issues or the Krishna water dispute. If they did, they would’ve made the details public. Various other points were also mentioned on how the ‘My Home’ group has been grabbing acres of lands for their construction material, grabbing mines for their vested interests. A demand was raised whether the central government has the guts to conduct an enquiry into these illegal activities.


Shri Revanth mentioned that giving membership is not just giving an id card but each joiner is going to be part of congress family so their welfare and safety is our responsibility. With permission from Smt Sonia Gandhi, TPCC has decided and going ahead with giving 2 lakh insurance cover to every new member.

Shri Revanth reminded that Congress was responsible for bringing Food security bill, women’s reservations bill, RTI Act, Right To Education was legalized, right to vote for 18 years giving opportunity for youth and leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Smt Indira Gandhi, Shri Rajiv Gandhi sacrificed their lives for this country.


Shri Revanth mentioned how this country is filled with many religions, castes and communities and yet lives together as one family. The late Mahatma Gandhi initiated the ‘One Family’ concept and it was followed by late Smt Indira Gandhi. Taking her as inspiration late Shri Rajiv Gandhi took the mantle. Shri Revanth added Hindus and Muslims are brothers and their sacrifice gave independence to this country but few parties are doing divide and rule using caste and religion card and trying to grow. He appreciated Shri Veerappa Moily for working hard towards the uplifting of the backward communities and reminded that minorities got 4% reservation due to Congress party’s efforts.

Later, Shri Veerappa Moily addressed the gathering and recalled Shri Rajiv Gandhi was the youngest PM of the country then and he symbolized the values of peace, harmony and national integration. He also revealed how it was Shri Rajiv Gandhi who gave voting rights to the citizens of the country who are above 18 years and dedicated himself to resolve the problems like Mizoram, LTTE, Punjab, Assam, Tripura. He gave his life for the unity, sovereignty of this country. Shri Moily also criticized PM Narendra Modi citing he didn’t even have the courtesy to meet the representatives of farmers leave alone resolving their issues.


The ‘Nirudyoga Jung Siren’ aimed at activating the unemployed and the youth of Telangana is taking a strong shape resulting in support for the Congress party. A clear evidence to that was the public meeting held at Amistapur near Mahabubnagar. Led by TPCC President Shri Revanth Reddy, the meet also had many seniors like Shri Bhatti Vikramarka, Dr Mallu Ravi, Shri Madhu Yashki, Shri Chinnareddy, Shri Nagam Janardhan Reddy, Shri Shabbir Ali, Smt Geetha Reddy, Shri Sampath Kumar, Shri Vamsichand Reddy, Shri Vamsi Krishna, Shri Gaddam Prasad, Shri Vinod Kumar, Shri Sudarshan Reddy and many student leaders.

While many leaders shared their thoughts, it was the turn of Shri Revanth Reddy who spoke about the student leaders who fought for fee reimbursement, who came together to help families of Telangana martyrs. Later, he spoke about the lackadaisical approach of KCR and quoted about the Jurala and other projects. Shri Revanth added Palamuru has been sidelined completely when it comes to development and welfare. It has become backward in education and employment under KCR’s regime.

MOUNA DEEKSHA - 11th October 2021

The ‘Silent Protest’ is on the behalf of the 80 crore farmers of India and protesting the new agricultural laws. Sharing his thoughts, Shri Revanth Reddy stated it is nothing short of a death sentence to farmers. He also reminded how initially the Telangana CM KCR condemned this news and in just a week, after going to Delhi, he changed his stand.

He also condemned the Lakhimpur Kheri incident and demanded those responsible should be arrested, put in prison, a special court should take up the case and justice should be served in a month. He quipped how Narendra Modi keeps communicating through twitter and sharing his thoughts through ‘Mann Ki Baat’. However, the people of UP made him the PM and the whole nation is crying over the incident but he is not hearing the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ from farmers.


Shri Revanth addressed the huge gathering and mentioned how Shri Venkat is known to all the student and youth communities, unemployed and the families of victims of Telangana struggle. He maintained that the main agenda of Congress is to fight for public issues. He also whitewashed KCR and Narendra Modi highlighting how they have promised several things and failed to fulfill them.

Shri Revanth also mentioned how Shri Ponnam Prabhakar was NSUI state head and he was elected for parliament. Later, Shri Ponnam stood for everyone and with the strength and support of people of Huzurabad, he fought for Telangana state and played a crucial role in achieving it. Shri Revanth mentioned how the neighbouring Manthani was ruled by the iconic Shri P V Narasimha Rao and his successor Sripada Rao brought sheen and development to Karimnagar district. He assures that Shri Ponnam, Shri Sridhar and Shri Jeevan will work along with Shri Venkat while himself, Shri Komatreddy Venkatreddy, Shri Madhu Yashki will work at state level under the guidance of Shri Damodar Rajanarasimha.

KOVVOTHULA RALLY - 5th October 2021

The Lakhimpur Kheri incident involving the death of farmers due to the arrogant behaviour of Minister Ajay Mishra has shook the entire nation. In reaction to that, the TPCC held a candle light rally at Hyderabad to express their solidarity and also condemn the incident.


The ‘Nirudyoga Jung Siren’ initiated by Shri Revanth Reddy happened amidst a heated atmosphere as the TPCC President along with other senior Congress leaders were detained at home by the police. Yet, many Congress members managed to break the barriers and protested at various spots. However, the police department at the behest of the government used their muscle power ruthlessly which resulted in severe injuries to Huzurabad contestant Shri Venkat Balmoor, National President for Youth Congress Shri B V Srinivas, Telangana Women’s Wing leader Smt Sunitha Rao. Many of them were admitted in hospital with critical wounds.


The Telangana Congress received a shot in the arm when senior leader Gandra Satyanarayana and a massive cadre joined the Congress party under the aegis of Shri Revanth Reddy. All this took place at the public meeting held at Bhoopalapally. Satyanarayana has been in politics since three decades and earned a massive following of the masses. Shri Revanth warned KCR to get ready as Congress with the support of the people of Telangana is coming with a vengeance.

BHARAT BANDH - 27th September 2021

The call for ‘Bharat Bandh’ given by the Congress party proved to be a big success at Telangana. Shri Revanth Reddy along with all the senior Congress leaders participated in the Bandh and demanded the repeal of anti-ryot laws and cut in the fuel prices. All the leaders were arrested and detained illegally reflecting the atrocities being committed by the TRS through the police department.

AKHILA PAKSHA MAHA DHARNA - 22nd September 2021

‘All Party Dharna’ was held successfully across the state of Telangana and the Congress party was given strong support by the other regional parties. The objective was to fight for a Telangana which will get rid of KCR’s family. Shri Revanth called upon all party leaders to unite and liberate Telangana from the clutches of KCR’s family. The Dharna became a grand success.

Dalitha Girijana Athma Gourava Dandora @ Gajwel - 17th September 2021

‘Dalit Girijana Dandora’ takes place at Gajwel amidst the presence of Shri Mallikarjun Kharge, leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha. The public meeting was a resounding success given the fact that it is KCR’s home constituency and yet there was overwhelming participation from the people. Shri Revanth listed out the various promises which were unfulfilled by TRS government. A charge sheet was filed by Congress against TRS governance and Shri Revanth declared a ‘Lawful Battle’ against the government.

Dalitha Girijana Athma Gourava Deeksha @ Moodu Chintalapalli - 24th & 25th August 2021

‘Dalit Girijana Dandora’ takes place at Muduchintalapally for two days and presiding this, Shri Revanth Reddy threw an open challenge to CM KCR for an open debate. He vowed to quit his MP post if his claims regarding development were not true. Later that night, he slept at the residence of a Girijan couple who got their house under ‘Indiramma Illu’ scheme.

Dalitha Girijana Dandora @ Raviryal - 18th August 2021

‘Dalit Girijana Dandora’ takes place at Raviryal in Ranga Reddy district in the form of a public meeting presided by Shri Revanth and other senior Congress leaders. Shri Revanth decimated KCR and the TRS Government highlighting the various flaws and how the duo has failed to fulfill their promises. He also pointed out the grave injustice being meted out on SC, ST communities.

Dalitha Girijana Athma Gourava Dandora @ Indravelli - 9th August 2021

With a goal to express Congress’s strong solidarity towards Dalit and SC, ST communities, Shri Revanth Reddy with other Congress leaders started the ‘Dalit Girijana Atma Gourava Dandora’ and the first meeting took place at Raviryal, Adilabad district. Shri Revanth reminded how Congress gave opportunities to several Dalit leaders including the President of India. He stressed on the important role played by Dalits in this nation and Congress has always recognized it by giving them all the support.

RAJBHAVAN MUTTADI - 16th July 2021

A week after taking charge as the president, Shri Revanth Reddy commenced his activity with the big step of going to Raj Bhavan. The attempt was tried to be diffused by the Telangana Police. Sharing his thoughts at the public meet, Shri Revanth issued a stern warning to Prabhakar Rao, ex-IG Intelligence, alleging how the latter used hackers to tap the phones of congress leaders to know their movements and detain them. He also gave a strong message to KCR and told him that the countdown begins for Smt Sonia Gandhi’s regime to begin in Telangana.

TPCC President's Swearing-in Ceremony

TPCC President's Swearing-in Ceremony - 7th JULY 2021

Shri A. Revanth Reddy takes charge as the President for Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC). Shri Revanth took orientation from senior leaders on the way forward.